Portfolio - Ashutosh Agrawal | OBITORS


Hi there, I am Ashutosh Agrawal

My journey in the field of design and arts began when I was in class 8, my uncle gifted me a drawing book and I completed many illustrations in less than a fortnight. I found that I had a good design sense early on in my life. While in class 12, I started designing with Photoshop and 3D modelling with Sketchup and found this field very interesting. As a result I chose architecture as my 1 st preference while seeking admission into the IITs. I successfully got into the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning at IIT Kharagpur.

I am equally good in the field of computers and programming. I am a good programmer and am well acquainted with multiple programming languages. While my parents wanted me to choose computer Science as my career choice, I found architecture to be a more natural choice due to my passion and inclination towards design.

I see Architecture as a representation of thoughts and ideas, this allows me to think creatively and design innovatively. It excites me to be able to combine observation, an understanding of forms and functions with my creative side. I think good architecture is a result of small changes, so every detail contributes to the design and that the work of an architect is to draw the maximum from these details.

At college, besides regular academics, I am an active member of Sarth, a student initiative with a motto of giving back to society through various welfare programs and events. It strengthened my belief in honing my skills and consolidating my confidence. Also, during occasional tours across the country organized by my college, I had the opportunity to see several architectural wonders of India. These events, tours and participation helped me a lot to gain the concept of working in, with and as a team.

I've always loved spending way too much time on the computer and spent my teens tinkering with Photoshop, existing systems and frameworks.

I have spent my entire adult life engrossed in design, visualization and solving technical problems. Many projects, and numerous ups-and-downs, I'm still as obsessed as ever.